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    UMA cuffs (glands), GOST 8752-79

    Rubber cuffs reinforced with a spring to seal the shaft working in mineral oil, water, diesel fuel at a pressure up to 0.05 MPa and a speed of 20 m / s. Made of rubber, Group 1 (7-PRI-1068-3s 7-PRI-1068-24, 51-1455). Operable at t ° from -45 ° C to + 100 ° C.


    Symbol size: xy-dxDY, where

    x - type of cuff (1 - without anther ;2 - with anther)

    y - the performance of the cuff (1 - with a working edge, obtained by machining; 2 - with molded sealing lip)

    d - diameter of the shaft (mm)

    D - outer diameter of the hose (mm)

    h - height

    Rubber cuffs are made of two types:

    1st type: one edge without anther. Intended to prevent leakage of sealing medium.

    2nd type: one edge with anther. Intended to prevent leakage protection and protection against ingress of dust.

    Cuffs can be produced in two versions:

    1 - with machined edge;

    2 - with a molded edge.