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    Hoses for gas welding, GOST 9356-75, Semperit

    Designed to supply pressurized acetylene, town gas, propane, butane (kl.I), liquid fuels (kl.II) and oxygen (kl.III) to the instruments for gas welding and cutting metals


    Class Diameter, мм Pressure, МPа Length
    Class I (acetylene, propane, butane) 6,3; 9,0; 10,0; 12,0; 16 0,63 up to  150 м.

    class II (liquid fuel)

    6,3; 9,0; 10,0; 12,0


    up to   150 м.

    class III (oxygen)

    6,3; 9,0; 10,0; 12,0; 16,0


    up to   150 м.

    Hoses are efficient at an ambient temperature (-35 to +70) ° C

    Hoses, Class III ѳ9 mm (oxygen) with a blue outer rubber layer have smooth and corrugated surface. Hoses with a grooved surface have improved framing and a round internal diameter as compared with the hoses with a smooth surface.